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Ecological and Dissident Hosting

Encrypted virtual servers and web hosting based in Iceland#

Locating in Reykjavík, Iceland, is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint — the Icelandic grid is powered by 99% green electricity.

Ecological and Dissident Hosting, a service provided by Webarchitects, in partnership with, offers green encrypted GNU/Linux Virtual Servers and Website Hosting.

Iceland benefits from an ongoing quest to protect and strengthen modern freedom of expression, the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative:

Assembling elements from the best legislation in the world, Iceland wants to become a global safe haven for journalists and new media that are being threatened or harassed and want to take advantage of the best protection available anywhere.
Source: Reporters Without Borders (Reporters sans frontières)

This hosting service is designed for progressive and socially responsible eco-conscious groups and individuals who wish to reduce their carbon footprint or who are aiming for carbon neutrality.

As well as offering green virtual servers and green web hosting packages, we intend to host secure email, secure email lists and domain name services based in Iceland. At the moment we offer services, other than hosting and virtual servers, from our servers in the UK. Further we intend setting up VPN endpoints and secure blogs if we receive sufficient interest.

If you are interested or have any other comments please drop us a line at, join the email list and follow us on twitter — we welcome all enquiries and where appropriate will incorporate them with our replies on the FAQ page.